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Interior Architecture

A deep analysis of the potential of each project and a constant search for beauty and harmony are allowing us to reach the better design solutions both in technical and decorative levels.
Our projects, based on our professional skills, long experience and wide knowledge of our working tools (ArchiCAD, Photoshop…), are developed with a high technical level, entirely made in 3D and defining closely each detail, all to achieve a correct material project execution.
This allows us to offer to our clients a high quality in our design service. 


Starting from the architecture plans, the first step in developing our project will be to define, together with our client, the concept, ideas, aspirations and necessities, so in this way, we will work in the right direction.
To achieve this we will illustrate our client with sketches, images, catalogs and materials.

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Once the objective is defined, we start designing each area, it will be reflected in an extensive documentation among which we will find:

Floor Plans

They will reflect distributions, areas, measures, furnishing and decoration, flooring, ceiling designs, wall cladding like ceramic, painting, molding, wallpapers… Also it will be reflected the lighting design, both technical and decorative, lighting fittings, circuits and measures. Joinery with doors, wardrobes, skirting, architraves, as well as plumbing, metallic carpentry and special designs.

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Elevations and Special Details

We undertake elevations of every designed areas, these enable a greater comprehension of these designs, as well as we elaborate detailed plans of special designs to achieve a proper understanding by our clients as well as all the companies and trades in charge to develop these designs.

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Visual Documentation

To make the project entirely in 3D is allowing us, not just to visualise it by our clients, but it will be a good tool for a perfect understanding of the whole design done by the companies and trades in charge of its execution.
Within the visual documentation we will find images composition with all the selected items for the equipment and decoration, materials composition, colours and textures and 3D images of each designed area.
Arquitecnia Suite, in collaboration with Ardis3D, is offering the possibility to show our projects through hyperrealistic images, 360 panoramic even virtual tours.
Thanks that, we are bringing to the present the future results with an absolute clarity and thus our clients decision will be always the right one.

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Specifications and Technical documentation

In addition to the planning documentation, our company will develop all the necessary technical documentation related with the elements part of the project, for instance Materials Schedule, Doors Schedule, technical specifications of appliances, lighting and every necessary elements. All that in order to provide with the information that could be necessary to be used by the professional team involve in developing the project execution.

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